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Mom Hack: Canning Leftovers

⁉️Did you know⁉️ you can can 💃🏻 (😜) your leftovers?!

We have finally admitted that we don’t really like to eat leftovers right away in our house. Every time we put leftovers in the fridge to “eat in the next couple of days,” we end up throwing it away a week or two later when we realize the fridge is crammed and needs to be cleaned out. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

When my friend taught me to can (same friend who taught me to make soap - get you a friend like that!), I had the epiphany that if people can buy soups and things in cans at the store, I can do it, too!

I have canned various leftovers several times now and I am loving it! I get to avoid wasting food while adding things to my pantry that I can dump in a pot later to feed my family when we are short on time or I just don’t feel like cooking. 😅👩🏻‍🍳 Don’t ask me how often that is. 😂

🫙 Do you can? If so, do you can your leftovers?

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